Monday, November 20, 2006


Marty Peretz has now pulled the post to which I referred here off the main page of his blog, not, I'm guessing, because of any newly developed sense of shame over declaring the Arabs to be a subhuman race who just don't feel pain, grieve and suffer in the same way white people do, but because Peretz apparently realized, or, more likely, was informed by one of his infinitely brighter writers, editors, interns, or janitors that the Isaac Chotiner post which Mr. Editor-In-Chief had used as a jumping-off point for one of his typical racist tirades was meant to be sarcastic.

Solid. Gold.

Come on Marty, where's your spine? If you really agree with Michael Rubin, then stick by him, dammit! You've certainly shown a willingness to steer your magazine toward any number of other indefensible positions, why not this one?

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