Monday, November 27, 2006


On the removal of six Muslim imams from a US Airways flight last week, Larry Kudlow writes:
I was so pleased to hear that US Airways threw six bearded troublemaking Muslims off the plane last week. But I’m not pleased (nor surprised) that Muslim Democratic Rep.-elect Keith Ellison from Minnesota defended these rabble-rousers.

Yes, those "bearded troublemaking Muslims." Who do they think they are, having beards and being Muslim in Larry Kudlow's America? Kudlow's misuse of the term "rabble-rousers" is perhaps ironically appropriate, as the very presence of these Muslims was enough to rouse the passions and prejudices of the rabble. Unlike Kudlow, however, I don't consider this something worth celebrating.

According to everything I've read, these men were not instigating anything, and no one has come forward with any evidence that they did anything wrong. US Airways has offered multiple explanations of why they ejected them from the plane and then refused to let them fly on the airline. Larry Kudlow, however, apparently feels that being identifiably Muslim is enough to warrant such treatment. (But what about Muslims who aren't immediately identifiable as Muslims? Isn't that a danger, Larry? Perhaps they should be required to wear some sort of ID badge, a yellow crescent over the left breast? Will that make you feel safer?)

Michelle Malkin gets to work playing Six Degrees of Osama bin Laden, featuring links which purport to demonstrate these imams' terrorist connections and sympathies, but of course do nothing of the kind. (This is the same sort of shifty slander that Joel Mowbray used unsuccessfully against then-candidate, now-Congressman Keith Ellison.) In any case, such aspersions have nothing whatever to do with why the imams were pulled off the airplane, and in fact only contribute to the atmosphere of fear and bigotry which caused these men to be singled out, harassed and detained.

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