Thursday, October 12, 2006


Gazan Abdel Rahman Salem Thabet describes a common occurrence under Israeli occupation:
"On 24 August, at 23.30, someone from the Israeli army called me on the phone and ordered me to leave my home quickly.

There are 12 people in our family. The officer also told me to tell all my neighbours to leave their homes at once.

Then, at midnight, the Israeli army bombed my home. Half an hour after the phone call.

An F16 destroyed my home with two rockets. They demolished the four-storey house completely.

The reason they gave was that one of my sons is planning attacks against Israel.

But this son hasn't lived with me since 2004. He lives in the middle of Gaza, between Gaza City and Khan Younis, in Nasiriya Camp.

My home is near Jabaliya camp, much further north.

The Israeli army punished my entire family because of one person - my son - who is not even living in our area.

Until now, no-one has agreed to rent me a home for the 12 people in my family.

They say I am working against Israel and they think the Israeli army will destroy the buildings they rent to me.

We have all been living in one tent since our house was destroyed. The Red Cross gave us the tent."

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