Monday, October 23, 2006


Mannion and Wolcott have a couple of good posts on Law & Order, and I'll just say that I really cannot stand Vincent D'Onofrio as Detective Goren. This is strange. I really like D'Onofrio as an actor, ever since I saw him in as Pyle in Full Metal Jacket. Loved him in Ed Wood, even with his voice dubbed. The Player? Hell yes. His performance in the "Subway" episode of Homicide is an acknowledged television treasure.

As Goren, D'Onofrio seems to offer a series of ticks, twitches and stutters for an actual portrayal, and it just seems entirely too put-on for me to enjoy. As a big Sherlock Holmes fan, I can appreciate the annoying know-it-all aspect of Goren's character, but something about it has never clicked for me.

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