Thursday, September 29, 2005


Ariel Sharon insists these aren't the droids you're looking for:
"There is no other plan besides the road map," Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said on Thursday a day after key officials declared their support for more unilateral steps.

Sharon, who addressed an economic conference in Tel Aviv, said, "This country is plagued by rumors. Yesterday such a rumor began circulating, a rumor which emanated from unfounded comments, as if Israel was examining other plans."

"Israel is not and will not examine any other plan; there is only one plan – the road map. It is the best plan for the future of Israel," Sharon emphasized.

Here we have Sharon sitting in a pile of Big Mac wrappers and declaring "I must stick to my diet!" when someone suggests a slice of pie. Despite Arik's sanctimony, the massive expansion of settlements , which was begun before the ink on the road map was even dry, puts Israel in violation of the road map's principles. This is why it's good to have stark raving eliminationist zealots as part of your government, you can always appear the more reasonable.

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