Wednesday, September 14, 2005


"Oh geez, back to court again to answer some dumb questions about some political activists I had killed."
Chile's Supreme Court has ruled former military ruler Augusto Pinochet can face charges related to the killing of 119 dissidents.

Gen Pinochet is accused of direct involvement in the death of at least 15 activists in a 1975 secret police operation known as Operation Colombo.

It is the third human rights case in which the Supreme Court has lifted the former military ruler's immunity.

But in the previous two cases, a court ruled he was too ill to stand trial.

Upon hearing the decision, the former dictator pretended to be alseep.

I seriously doubt the old murderer will ever see the inside of a prison cell, the families and friends of his victims will just have to be satisfied with keeping him inconvenienced for the rest of his life.

Of course, Pinochet's big mistake was taking off those sunglasses. No one can get you when you're wearing sunglasses.

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