Saturday, September 17, 2005


Always one to look on the bright side, he is after all one of the Bush administrations head water carriers, Victor Davis Hanson offers this praise for Bush's anti-terrorism efforts:
Hundreds of terrorists and their sympathizers, from Lodi and Portland to New Jersey and Florida, have been arrested or deported for either planning attacks or seeking to spread their venom.

Wow, that paragraph is impressive in its imprecision. Hundreds of terrorists and their sympathizers, does that mean hundreds of terrorists plus some sympathizers, hundreds of terrorists and sympathizers, or a few genuine terrorists plus a bunch of people who overstayed their visas? Were they planning attacks, or just bad-mouthing the U.S.? Is "spreading venom" covered under the Patriot Act? Given that Hanson is a guy who accuses those who point out Bush's manifest incompetence of weakening our resolve and helping the enemy, it's really not clear at all.

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