Thursday, August 18, 2005


Via Scott at LGM, it looks like towering genius Leonard Cohen has sued his ex-manager:
According to the suit, Lynch was Cohen's business manager for about 17 years until he fired her in October for allegedly taking money out of his personal and investment accounts. It was alleged that the amounts taken were far in excess of the 15 percent management compensation that Lynch was entitled to receive.

It is alleged that the fraud started while Cohen was taking time away from his career to focus on his spiritual life at the Mount Baldy Zen Center, east of Los Angeles. While Cohen was not recording or touring, Lynch allegedly started to pay herself a greater portion of Cohen's royalties. She also allegedly introduced Cohen to Westin, who is accused of helping Lynch to orchestrate the sale of Cohen's music publishing and artist royalties.

Lessee, embezzling retirement money from your boss while he's away on a Buddhist retreat, that's somewhere between stealing the orphans' Christmas presents and kicking an old lady down a flight of stairs on the bad karma scale.

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