Sunday, August 21, 2005


Great show. Loud as hell. Lord, it was loud, the kind of loud that causes your cranium to vibrate at odd frequencies and makes you feel half-sleepy. I would have enjoyed a few more tunes from Bug, but they played all but two tunes from You're Living All Over Me, so I really can't complain. A great and beautiful thing to see this band reunited, these bards of the great woody expanse of western Massachusetts. There is something about a good trio that can't be beat. Murph and Lou sounded fantastic. And there was J, his long stringy hair gone gray and so even more cobweblike, whipping around in frenzied arcs as he literally dove into his guitar solos, sending great shards of shrieking, squalling guitar noise flying out into the audience like white hot smoking boomerangs of rock, pulling, groping, raking, whanging out crescendo after crescendo, launching entire squadrons of Luftwaffe out of his stacked Marshalls, ladling effect upon effect upon flanger upon phaser upon stutter tremelo, rreeeaawwwrr fflooommmm crawshshsh! hedwuygd psadfivuh qeproiy[poohbeahboeih!!!!!! I had an enormous goofy grin plastered to my face almost the entire time. I feel as though I have been dipped in magic waters.

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