Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Andrew Sullivan has this post up:
Sistani and the Holocaust
The great hope for Shiite moderation in Iraq, Ayatollah Sistani, has a representative in the U.S.: one Fadhel Al-Sahlani. He's both a Holocaust-skeptic and someone who believes that Israel should not exist. Just noticing the actual content of Muslim moderation in Iraq.

A couple things bothered me about this. While Sahlani is in fact Ayatollah Sistani's accredited representative in the United States, it seems a bit presumptious to attribute Sahlani's every utterance to Sistani. In this respect, the title of the post seems pretty misleading. Things get really silly, though, and simple-minded, when Andrew attempts to inflate a few comments in an interview into the "content of Muslim moderation in Iraq." That is, unless Andrew would also insists that a few regrettable comments by James Dobson's lawyer should be held to be representative of the "content of American Christianity"? Doubtful.

Sistani's got a pretty nifty website. If Andrew, or anyone, would like to know the Grand Ayatollah's opinion on anything, they can e-mail him here.

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