Thursday, March 16, 2006


Wow, first Isaac Hayes quits the show in protest over Scientology being mocked just like every other religion, and now Comedy Central has pulled the Trapped in the Closet episode under a threat from noted pharmacology expert Tom Cruise that he would not do any publicity for Mission Impossible 3 if it were re-aired.

First: Friends, it is imperative that you watch and forward this deeply offensive episode to all your friends and relatives. Second: I don't think it matters one bit whether Tom does publicity for this film, as audiences worldwide are obviously going to flock to it for OSCAH-WINNAH PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN. (Having thus been eclipsed by Hoffman in the action genre, very soon thereafter the better part of Cruise's hugely reduced income came from delivering lectures to packed houses on the history of psychiatry, with performances of some of his favorite movie scenes thrown in. His Stefen Djordjevic at the Dayton dinner theater had the whole place weeping, and drew the longest standing ovation in the dinner theater's seven-year history.)

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