Friday, March 31, 2006


Hugh Hewitt on CNN today:
The blogosphere on the left came into being just at the moment the Democratic Party was the angriest, after the Florida 2000 election. And it has captured that anger. And there were no grownups there to direct it to legitimate and constructive political activity. They are training a generation of young Democratic activists to be angry, vulgar, profane, and cruel.

On the other hand, the Republican bloggers, Power Line blog, Instapundit blog, the blogs, responsible, oriented towards issues, always constructive.

So, I think what we have got is basically a monopoly on responsible new media on the center-right side, and talk radio is responsible new media, even though that fever swamp on the left, the Michael Moore-disease-ridden Democrats on the left, they don't want to admit that, so they won't. But, in fact, talk radio is quite responsible. (emphasis added)

I think the stone stupidity of this screams for itself (and I didn't even include the bit where Hewitt insisted that President Bush's social security reforms had been stymied by "an obstructionist Democratic Senate.")

I made the mistake of going to Hewitt's blog to see what kind of "responsible, oriented towards issues, always constructive" right-wingers that Hugh was linking to, and I was led to this undelightful bit of bigotry in a post entitled "Islam is the Problem":
Since Islam is a political doctrine as well as religion, can a truly devout Muslim truthfully take the oath of citizenship in the USA and mean it?

Which is funny, because (bigoted) people used to ask the same thing about Catholics.

The blog to which Hewitt approvingly linked is called The Jawa Report. Got that? As if you need it explained, by Jawas they mean Arabs. This is extraordinarily funny if you are an asshole. (One suspects that "Sand Nigger Update" and "Towel Head Watch" were considered, but the authors went with "Jawa Report" as their title because that's what passes for clever in Wingnuttia.)

If this is what Hewitt means by "responsible, oriented towards issues, always constructive", then I really don't think those words mean what he thinks they mean. On the other hand, maybe he knows full well what those words mean and he's just a blatantly dishonest partisan crank.

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