Monday, March 27, 2006


...On the Capitol Hill shooting at the Stranger's blog.
The shooter fired “dozens” of rounds, according to (Seattle Police Chief) Kerlikowske. In Huff’s truck, the police found a massive arsenal of ammunition and weapons, which included several hundred rounds of rifle, shotgun, and handgun ammo; several banana clips loaded with more rifle ammo; a rifle; and a machete. “The amount of ammo this suspect had—the arsenal of weaponry that he had—is cause for serious concern,” Whitcomb says.

Yeah, serious concern.

The Seattle Times decides to handle the story with a large helping of self-parody:
The dance, called by some attendees a rave, seemed to be a peaceful event where perhaps drug and alcohol laws were violated but no violence or arguing was reported. Still, teen dance rules in our city must be thoroughly reviewed to see if they go far enough to protect young people. One of the six victims was apparently a 15-year-old Bellevue girl. What precautions or rules could have helped her? Could anyone protect her at a private party at a private home?

It will be a while before a motive or the role, if any, of drugs and alcohol are known.

At this point, our community has to rethink late-night activities of young people. We must do what we can to prevent such a horrific incident from happening again.

One of the victims was a teenager, therefore "teen dance rules must be thoroughly reviewed"? Please. A kid could slip and fall at a rave and the Seattle Times would insist that it's time to revisit the Teen Dance Ordinance. I'd submit that more violence occurs in ballpark parking lots on a single day of baseball season than has ever occurred at all the raves ever thrown, yet this has never caused the Seattle Times to suggest that we need to "re-think pro sports."

Without knowing the full story, I do have to wonder why a 15 year-old girl was out all night partying. To me that's an issue to do with parenting, not with "teen dance rules in our city." That and insane gun laws which enable mentally unbalanced individuals to amass Punisher arsenals.

UPDATE: Correction, two of the victims were teenagers.

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