Wednesday, March 15, 2006


The impression I get from this Ezra Klein piece is that a Newt Gingrich run at the White House is much more plausible than it ever, ever should be. Which is even a tiny little bit.

What I find so extremely, err...tragiridiculironic about the convincing case that Klein lays out is that Gingrich seems to have benefitted from his resignation, in disgrace, in 1998, in that he avoided the GOP's subsequent descent into the blatant, brazen, cartoonish corruption that we've seen during the Bush Administration. Not that the GOP under Gingrich weren't a bunch of corporate whores, but at least they had the decency to try and hide it a little bit.

And friends, if Newt Gingrich does run for president and gets a free pass about his having an affair with a congressional aide during the very time that he was leading impeachment of Bill Clinton for having an affair with an intern, well then I might just have to cover my naked body in cake frosting and goose-step up and down University Avenue clanging a pair of orchestra cymbals and speaking in tongues. And you don't want that. You just don't.

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