Friday, April 29, 2005


Taking a break from his campaign of intimidation of Middle East Studies faculty deemed insufficiently pro-Israel, Stanley Kurtz complains that the Left is fomenting hatred against conservative Christians.

The most extreme political rhetoric of our day is being directed against traditional Christians by the left...

The fact of the matter is that the Left’s rhetorical attacks on conservative Christians have long been more extreme, more widely dissemina/ted, and more politically effective than whatever the Christians have been hurling back.

He must be referring to the time those Leftists blamed Christians for the 9/11 attacks...oh, wait.

This is more than stupidity on stilts, this is stupidity on stilts pedaling backwards on a unicycle, clanging great, shiny bells and wearing a birthday cake for a hat.

For just one example, take Kurtz's reference to the "pervasive, if low-level, violence" which grew out of the Left's Bush-hatred, a claim which he supports with a link to an article by himself from last October wherein he related some anecdotes about Bush-Cheney supporters having their cars keyed and yard signs stolen, and the "climate of fear" this had created.

Even granting Kurtz's claim that hatred of Bush has now morphed into hatred of Christians, a claim which he doesn't bother backing up with, you know, evidence, in one corner we have people who key cars and steal signs, and in the other we have people who fucking blow up buildings and advocate violence against judges they consider too liberal. But it's the car-keying and sign-stealing that should really trouble us. Right.

Frankly, comprehending the depth and breadth of the sheer, head-shaking, Bob Newhart-blinking, tuna sandwich phone mumbo-pocus up-is-downism of Kurtz's piece is a rather daunting task. Thankfully, the Poor Man drags this sucker on board and performs a skillful filleting. Read the whole thing.

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