Monday, April 11, 2005


This is great stuff: Professional ex-Leftist/current fascist clown David Horowitz asked Michael Berube to participate in an online debate. Berube agreed. Horowitz then published a heavily redacted version of the discussion, cutting short many of Berube's rebuttals and even going so far as to chide Berube for not responding to points which Berube had, in fact, responded to, but which Horowitz had edited out. Pretty shabby, eh?

Unfortunately for Horowitz, Berube A) does actually read the internets, B) had saved his full, original responses, and C) has his own blog on which to post them. Heh.

Berube closes with a couple of beautiful strokes to Horowitz's backside:

I think we’re finally getting to the real reason David hates professors so much. It has nothing to do with our salaries or our working hours: he hates our freedom. Horowitz knows perfectly well that I can criticize the Cockburns and Churchills to my left and the Beinarts and Elshtains to my right any old time I choose, and that at the end of the day I’ll still have a job – whereas he has to answer to all his many masters, fetching and rolling over whenever they blow that special wingnut whistle that only far-right lackeys can hear. It’s not a very dignified way to live, and surely it takes its toll on a person’s sense of self-respect.

With respect to the issue of self-respect, here’s the giveaway: think about how often Horowitz complains that the intellectual left doesn’t take him seriously, doesn’t read his books, and so on. What’s weird about this, you’ll probably have noticed by now, is that American left intellectuals are just about the only thinkers who pay any attention to Horowitz at all. Most of the country’s serious intellectual conservatives consider him either a useful rabble-rouser or a rank embarrassment, more akin to Michael Savage than to Michael Oakeshott. And with good reason.

Very good.

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