Thursday, August 05, 2004


from the New York Times:
The Bush administration said Wednesday that the United States and its allies had begun a campaign to disrupt terrorist operations around the world, including the arrest of a suspected senior member of Al Qaeda in Britain.

The suspected Qaeda operative was among 12 men being questioned by the British authorities after raids prompted in part by the same intelligence information that led the administration to elevate the terror threat level in the United States over the weekend, including detailed reports about buildings housing major financial institutions in New York, New Jersey and Washington. The Qaeda member, referred to as Abu Moussa al-Hindi or Abu Eisa al-Hindi, was of intense interest to the United States, a senior American official said.

Intelligence gathering, international cooperation, police work. In a phrase: Law enforcement. Yes, it's a lot less grandiose than conservatives would prefer, and will probably require fewer triumphant speeches aboard aircraft carriers, so the flag humpers will have to get their rocks off as Civil War reenactors, or by cuddling up to the latest issue of Soldier of Fortune.

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