Monday, January 30, 2006


Via Andrew Sullivan, Fred Barnes on the Diane Rehm show:
DR: What about the president's own service in the military?

FB: Well, he didn't shirk. He joined the national guard. At one time, it's reported--I don't know whether--I have not myself personally confirmed this--that he volunteered for Vietnam and was turned down. He volunteered--

DR: Turned down?

FB: He was a flier. Well, he wasn't in a unit that would get him over there or something. It's been, it's been widely reported--

DR: Fred, where'd that come from? I've never heard that before.

FB: Oh sure. What? That he'd--

DR: That he volunteered to go to Vietnam.

FB: He volunteered for Vietnam duty and didn't get there. I don't think I'm making this up.

DR: Can you cite me some evidence on that?

FB: I thought it was quite widely known.

DR: Never heard that one before.

FB: Really? Well, I've heard it many, many times.

Of course, every time it was from Karl Rove...

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