Friday, January 13, 2006


As staggeringly ill-considered as Pat Roberston's comments about Sharon were, a decidedly up upside is that the world will be spared (for now) Pat Robertson's Bible Land theme park in Israel. Mysterious ways indeed.

A quick word on Joel, the book that Pat referenced in his fit. Joel was a minor prophet with a small, very angry book, which in my King James doesn't even cover four full pages. You know how some people have little reading pulpits where they leave their open bibles? You can't leave the Book of Joel open and have it be all Joel. You're getting into Hosea or Amos on either side. Joel would very likely not get his own ride at Pat Robertson's Bible Land, probably get stuck in an animatronic Hall of Prophets exhibit. Still, Joel is enjoyable as a concentrated blast of prophecy, with the usual message: shape up.

I'm pretty sure Pat Robertson considers himself a prophet in the tradition of Joel, though records do not reveal whether Joel, son of Pethuel, had a private plane.

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