Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Whopper or Big Mac? This is kind of tough, because although I do not eat at either Burger King or McDonald's very often, there are rare occasions when almost nothing else will do, such as when I'm on a long road trip or deep in the bowels of a research paper.

It's like this: When a Whopper is good, it beats a Big Mac with a Big Stick. But compared to McDonald's Burger King is very hit or miss. Four times out of five you'll get a soggy bun, brownish lettuce, and too much mayo. A Big Mac, on the other hand, pretty much always tastes like a Big Mac, no matter where you are. This is why I enjoy eating in McDonald's in other countries, not because the food is so yummy, though to be honest sometimes it really hits the spot, but because I'm just so darn impressed, and a little frightened, by the global uniformity of it all. Moscow, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Frankfurt, Jerusalem, yes, friends, after a long, hard day of espionage and/or searching for ancient artifacts and/or deftly eluding capture by Nazis/Communists/narco-terrorists/autograph seekers, it's great to know that I can hunker down with a Combo Number 5 and be completely unsurprised.

That said, I'll take a Dick's Deluxe over either a Big Mac or a Whopper.

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