Monday, March 02, 2009

Ask Not For Whom The Twitter Tweets

I think this really underestimates how hip Pac-Man is:
John McCain took to the Senate floor Monday and talked about Twittering.

For the increasingly popular networking tool, it was either a moment that marked the technology's full-bore entry into the cultural mainstream -- or a sign that Twitter is now about as hip as Pac-Man.

Just last year, McCain, the Republican nominee for president, was frequently mocked by late-night talk show hosts for barely knowing how to turn a computer on. But McCain 2.0 is now plugged in, sending multiple "tweets," as Twitter messages are called, several times a day.

"We have the most followers out of any congressman," boasts his spokeswoman, Brooke Buchanan, "topping over 122,000."

Coincidentally, my first and probably last experiment with Twitter took place when I went to hear McCain at AEI last week:
AEI has warm oatmeal cookies.8:36 AM Feb 25th

Here to hear McCain on Afghanistan.8:43 AM Feb 25th

Prediction: He'll call for a 'new strategy' for 'victory'8:45 AM Feb 25th

Cookies almost gone.8:47 AM Feb 25th

Am now considering a temporary surge toward the cookie table.8:49 AM Feb 25th

Surge succeeded. Have now redeployed back to my seat.8:52 AM Feb 25th

Yay! Randy Scheunemann!8:55 AM Feb 25th

once again, for mccain history begins with the surge.9:12 AM Feb 25th

mccain: "i am confident victory is possible in afghanistan."9:15 AM Feb 25th

mccain in nov 03: we'll "muddle through" in afghanistan.9:28 AM Feb 25th

asked about "muddle through," mccain accused me of taking words out of context.10:08 AM Feb 25th


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