Sunday, September 24, 2006


Ably performing his function of making John Podhoretz and Jonah Goldberg look like deep thinkers, Mark Levin offers this bit of mumbo-pocus:
Bill Clinton is nuttier than a pecan pie. He has spent the last six years traveling the globe dumping on George Bush. Yet he turns into an emotional wreck when Fox’s Chris Wallace tries to ask him a few questions about his demonstrable failure to pursue aggressively Osama bin Laden after repeated al Qaeda attacks on Americans and American interests. Here.

Do you think his smear of "neo-cons" (which has become a codeword for Jews) will receive the kind of attention that George Allen’s "macaca" reference received from the likes of the Washington Post?

You almost feel sorry for the guy. The "neocon=Jew" canard was a crude and transparent diversion when David Brooks floated it (and then clumsily disavowed it) two and a half years ago, but it's Levin's attempt to equate Clinton's use of "neocons," (a term which has come to denote a movement of intellectuals and policy makers around a set of specific political ideas, and which the acknowledged founder of that movement, among others, has embraced) with George Allen's use of "macaca" (a slur used by French North Africans against non-whites in the country where George Allen's French North African mother grew up, and/or a word which George Allen spontaneously invented when he was struggling for an appropriately demeaning way to describe a non-white person), and then pre-emptively condemning the Librul Media for not subscribing this laughably false equivalence, which makes this a Wingnut Hall of Fame contender.

Mark, the day S.R. Sidharth writes a book called "Macacaism", I'll bake you a cake.

Levin played this same gamewhen the "macaca" story originally broke, scolding the media for producing "not one word about the Webb campaign's dirty trick in having one of its volunteers, camcorder in hand, harrassing Allen as he campaigns around Virginia."

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