Saturday, September 23, 2006


Some people collect stamps. Some collect sand from the various beaches they've visited around the world. Some collect Star Trek memorabilia. My friend's dad collects obscure performances of 'Round Midnight. George Allen?
In its May 8 issue, the New Republic published a cover story, entitled "Pin Prick," which argued that "before he runs for president, George Allen has to run against himself." The article's author, Ryan Lizza, reported extensively on Allen's apparent youthful interest in, and seeming enthusiasm for, the Confederacy, which included hanging a battle flag in his living room during his successful 1993 Virginia gubernatorial bid (part of a collection, Allen says) and hanging what appears to have been a noose in his law office (part of another collection, Allen says).

...Confederate battle flags and nooses. The punchline is that the author of the Weekly Standard article appears to lament the passing of a Virginia where this hobby would be a political plus.

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