Friday, June 24, 2005


Yes, Karl Rove is a shameless propagandist, and a liar. Did we not know this? Is this news? Can we cut the feigned shock already that the president's top adviser is out there shovelling chum to stark-raving conservative audiences?

I doubt there's really anything to be gained by protesting Rove's comments. This is a man who is smart enough to know that his characterizations of liberals were cartoonish, simplistic, Coulterite bullshit, but who clearly lacks the the decency to care. There is definitely something to be gained, however, from observing and learning from the White House's response to the controversy (Dick Durbin, pay attention): When faced with criticism, no matter how well founded, brazen it out. Attack the critics. Use the word philosophy a lot. Blame the media. Wonder aloud why some people are so darn sensitive. Then get in the car and go to the next fundraiser.

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