Tuesday, June 07, 2005


So long, Dino. Thanks for playing.

Republican Dino Rossi said yesterday he would not appeal a Chelan County judge's decision that upheld Gov. Christine Gregoire's slim victory, acknowledging that after Judge John Bridges rejected all of the GOP arguments, he had little chance of prevailing.

I enjoyed this story, too.

After spending millions of dollars, months on investigations and two weeks in trial, the net result for the Republicans yesterday was that Dino Rossi lost four votes from his total, pushing Gov. Christine Gregoire's victory margin to 133 in what is still the closest governor's race in the nation's history.

Finally, let's all take a moment, shall we, to laugh at poor Stefan?

Will Judge Bridges side with common sense and rule that election officials can't just keep counting ballots again and again and get different numbers every time without also showing that every ballot has a voter and every voter a ballot? Or will he side with the Democrats and Josef Stalin and rule that he who counts the votes makes the rules and doesn't have to obey any laws?

We now know the answer to that question.

Coming a little more than a week after Irene Khan's unfortunate "Guantanamo has become the gulag our times" comment, Sharkansky deserves thanks for reminding us that when it comes to preposterous political hyperbole, conservatives really know how to stay several laps ahead.

In sympathy, people do tend to say regretful, stunningly absurd things when the cause for which they've defiantly crusaded for the previous six months collapses like a bad souffle.

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