Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Now that Andrew Sullivan has taken to regularly confronting the wingnuts with the profoundly anti-American and illiberal implications of their defenses of torture, the fag-hatred which resides at the knarled little Grinchy heart of American conservatism is beginning to manifest itself even among so-called "level-headed" conservatives. Roy Edroso notes Instaclown's thinly veiled gay baiting.

The Ole Perfesser calls Andrew Sullivan an "excitable" "emoter-in-chief" who should write "a bit less about gay marriage." To his credit, the Perfesser did not just up and call him a faggot, but when you have such command of schoolyard code, you don't have to get crude.

Then we have this charming bit of mookery from John "the Melissa Rivers of Punditry" Podhoretz:

Jonah, since you haven't yet seen the Star Wars execresence yet, you may not know that, in what may be the worst writing moment of his career, Andrew Sullivan has actually decided to echo the worst screenplay ever written by the worst screenplay writer. When Andy wrote, in that nauseatingly self-gratulatory passage you quote, "This is how liberty dies - with scattered, knee-jerk applause," he was speaking in the voice of Natalie Portman, who, in Star Wars ROTS, says, "This is how liberty dies -- to thunderous applause." If he's going to go all camp on us, couldn't the Sullied One have quoted Mae West or Joan Crawford or Bette Davis or something?

Good one, John! I get it! Sullivan's a fag, and fags like Mae West and Joan Crawford and Bette Davis! HARRR! Hoo boy, I'm exhausted. Oh well, here's John Podhoretz writing about movie musicals.

On a slightly more neighborly note, let us all congratulate John on his new perch at NRO's The Corner. He now has an entirely new forum in which to get everything entirely wrong.

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