Thursday, April 05, 2007

New Frontiers in Dumb

Given that his previous guest was a psychic discussing the latest Anna Nicole Smith paternity test, I would have been more than justified in ignoring what came next, but it so perfectly captured the defiant, blockheaded dumbness of Glenn Beck that I just have to share. Speaking with NY Rep Peter King about proposed legislation giving legal protection to people who report on "suspicious behaviour", Beck dropped this gem:
Between the domestic Muslim lobbying groups that fund political campaigns and wield massive amounts of power in America, to the ultimate killer of anything good, political correctness, this amendment will probably never reach the president`s desk.

A few things about this. First, the fact that these domestic Muslim lobbying groups have managed to parlay the massive amount of power which they supposedly wield into a total of one (1) Muslim representatives in Congress suggests that they are extremely crafty indeed. Second, I'm reasonably sure that the combined budgets of every Muslim lobbying group in this country probably comes to less than AIPAC's mail bill.

As for political correctness being "the ultimate killer of anything good," this about perfectly encapsulates what Beck has to offer, night after night: White guy ressentiment stripped of even the flimsiest pretext of journalism. "Political correctness" in the way in which Beck uses it simply indicates his frustration that he can no longer openly refer to women as bitches, blacks as niggers, and Arabs as towel-heads and terrorists without it being pointed out to him that he is an asshole, and his longing for a simpler time when women and minorities knew their place, and politics was the exclusive domain of people who looked like him.

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