Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I'll admit to being surprised by the extent to which Thevicepresidentfreakingshotadudegate has transfixed our newsmedia. (that's a definitive photo of him) My perception of Dick Cheney is such that the news that he put someone in intensive care with a shotgun blast is greeted merely with a grave nod of the head.

Last night Tucker Carlson, a thinker of such proportions that his bow-tie actually wears him, defended Cheney's choice of recreation as none of our business*. This is the same Tucker Carlson who, during the 04 campaign, relentlessly mocked John Kerry for wind-surfing, which is apparently a lesser sport than standing around waiting for some caged birds to be released so you can shoot at them.

Other conservative sports:
  • Golf
  • Driving around your Potemkin ranch in your pickup trying to look serious
  • Torture
  • Polo

(*In the transcript, Carlson is identified at one point as 'O'Reilly'. Heh.)

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