Friday, December 02, 2005


Film remakes of TV shows are a questionable enterprise but I guess I can understand the logic behind them. Live-action remakes of cartoon shows, however, are pointless, and I think the remake of Aeon Flux is substantially more so than most.

Don't get me wrong, I love ladies firing full-automatic weapons, preferably one in each hand, as much as the next guy. But doing a live-action version of Flux makes about as much sense as Francis Ford Coppola's Bugs Bunny, with Robert DeNiro as Elmer Fudd and Edward Norton as Bugs. I don't doubt that DeNiro and Norton could bring some new depth to the characters, but depth, shade, and motivation are just not why we enjoy Bugs so. So while I'm somewhat impressed that Charlize Theron did all this training for the role (doing wire work seems to be Hollywood's new version of playing someone with a debilitating illness), to my mind it's just sad and superfluous, and shows a complete lack of apprehension of what made the original so damn cool.


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