Monday, February 28, 2005


- Chris Rock was tame, which I personally found offensive. You could almost see the internal battle being waged between ambitious, hardworking player Rock, who knew that a credible hosting job would solidify his Hollywood A-List credentials, and old school attack-comic Rock, straining to puncture the pomposity of the thing. Now it's over and Rock can go back to being America's greatest working comedian.

- Thank god that Leonardo DiCaprio didn't win. But it's only a matter of time.

- Julia Roberts is neither as sexy nor as talented as everyone seems to think she is.

- I've seen too few movies this year.

- Charlie Kaufmann won, proving there is some measure of justice in the universe. Of all the movies I did see this year, "Eternal Sunshine..." was easily the best.

- I'm not familiar enough with the other nominated scores to say that Thomas Newman was robbed, but I think he is the most consistently interesting film composer around.

- Sidney Lumet: Word. Al Pacino probably should've had someone wake him from his nap more than five minutes before he had to present, though.

- Best bit of the night: An obviously drunk and/or medicated Dustin Hoffman presenting the Best Picture Award with handler Barbra Streisand. Awesome.

- For next year: have drunken Dustin Hoffman host the entire show.

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